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Energy-saving glazed hollow bead mixer,dry mortar production

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  • Materialstainless steel
  • Weight800 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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Glazed beads of thermal insulation equipment for the production of glazed beads of the main insulation mortar or hollow bead insulation mortar, but also well suited for light, friable particles of cement-based, mortar and gypsum-based powder. Vitrified (hollow) beads thermal insulation system based on glazed beads as lightweight aggregate production of the single (double)-component dry mortar for the insulation layer, the surface coated with a layer of water impermeability, anti-crack resistance cracked mortar, and the insulation layer to form a set of thermal insulation, heat insulation, crack, fire, impermeability in one complete system. Vitrified (hollow) beads thermal insulation system can be widely used in various masonry structure, frame structure and the structure of scissors strong internal and external wall insulation and composite basement, garage, stairs corridors, fire exits and fire insulation and other public facilities. 


Glazed beads of thermal insulation materials production line mainly by the hybrid systems, storage systems, copolymer material hybrid systems, conveyor systems, metering systems, packaging systems, dust removal system and other accessories. 
Master batch mixing system: based on gravity mixer, for mixing of the masterbatch; 
Storage System: used to store vitrified (hollow) beads, finished masterbatch; 
Copolymer material mixed system: the glass of the (hollow) beads dedicated centrifugal mixer for the main set of streaming, Tuochen technology in one; 
Delivery system: Masterbatch products rely on bucket elevator conveyor to the high feed tank storage, glass (hollow) beads rely on vacuum conveying system to transport material mixed copolymer system, at least to reduce the crushing of raw materials; 
Measurement system: automatic measurement of formulation; 
Packaging system: specific gravity drop, frangible pellet packaging machine; 
Dust removal system: pulse jet bag filter.


vitrified beads thermal insulation mortar mixer adopts the pioneering zero broken technique to overcome the bulk density increase of particles in various aspects, do not damage the original state of materials, ensure the product's insulation indexes. Besides,the drive roll drives the mixing drum,and the lifting blades on drum wall will flip and throw the materials in a wide range, adding the drum design, the vitrified beads broken rate to a minimum. so that the materials can be mixed evenly and it greatly improves the vitrified beads slurry heat preservation effect.It can efficiently and rapidly mix materials.





1. Effective security control system, professional electrical design, quality assurance;
2. Wear-resisting durable powder conveying system and accurate weighing system;
3. Sewing platform design and packing machine and pneumatic packing machine are suitable for packaging of insulation mortar;
4. Unique sealing of feed discharging mouth, prevent leakage powder;
5. Customized dust collector system, green and environmental protection, create a good working environment for you;
6. Short installation period, low installation cost.

Working principle:

This production line includes storage tank, screw conveyor, metering batching system, bucket elevator, dry powder mixer,drum vitrified beads mixer, products silo, weighing packing machine, pulse dust collector, control cabinet ect.. Weighing by the metering batching systerm, all materials hoist to the inside of mixer by bucket elevator. The finished product getting into products silo will be packed by the weighing packing machine.

We have 3 kind of types: Simple type, Semi-automatic type, Full automatic type and also customized.


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